Alta Vista Botanical Gardens now has a new brochure that lists all of the Art residing in the Garden. The inside of the brochure has a detailed  Trail Map with all points of interest clearly marked.

Medicine Wheel in the Desert Garden

Butterflies at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

Wollemia nobilis- Wollemi Pine: One of the rarest trees on the planet

Cycad Garden: Expansive collection located around and below the Labyrinth

Art in the Garden

The Labyrinth at Alta Vista Gardens

California Natives Garden

The Fauna of A.V.G.

Sustainability What is A.V.G. doing about it?

The A.V.G. Blog is full of photos and information on current events and activities at the Garden

A.V.G. Video- watch a six minute video: Impressions of Alta vista Gardens

Sharon Kern Culinary Herb Garden

Antique Rose Collection

Australasian Garden

Jungle Garden

Jungle Shade Garden

Medicinal Herb Garden

African Garden

Pan Asian Garden (under construction)

Detailed list of all of the Gardens and features that you may see when you come and visit us

What People are Saying about Alta Vista Botanic Gardens

Girl in a bubble

Visitor encased in a bubble at our Earth Day in the Gardens Celebration.

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 Garden Open Daily 7:00-5.00 Monday-Friday; 10:00- 5:00 on weekends

Admission is $5.00 for non-members; admission is Free with   Membership

Days that the Gardens are CLOSED

Directions to the Gardens (760) 945-3954

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is a 501(c)3 Not For Profit Corporation

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